Processing Plant Info

The Krehbiels Specialty Meats processing facility started on the family farm in 1978. Since then, it has grown and expanded into a large USDA inspected plant. There are many species, including ostrich, roaster hogs, buffalo, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, beef, elk, and deer, processed on a regular basis for over 50 different customers who ship these products by truck line into all parts of the U.S. and into Canada. Additionally, Krehbiels does custom processing for the local farming community and for deer and wild game hunters.

Currently there are approximately 40 full-time employees employed at Krehbiels Specialty Meats, most of which are highly skilled and trained. As always, Krehbiels Specialty Meats cares greatly about security, safety, and good cleaning practices and there is a federal USDA inspector on premises during production hours.

Krehbiels Specialty Meats employs the latest state of the art equipment and continues to experiment and improve cooking techniques and smoking processes to ensure that its customers receive the best quality products available